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The Sumitomo Group (Japanese: 住友グループ, Hepburn: Sumitomo Gurūpu) is one of the largest Japanese keiretsu, or business groups, founded by Masatomo Sumitomo around 1615.

A former employee shares his experience on, "The disadvantages of working at Sumimoto are: - Lower than average salary - Long working hours. You are expected to come in earlier than your boss and leave later than your boss - Top-down, hierarchical, militaristic, micro-managing culture - No career opportunities or career progression. Opportunities are only given to Japanese - Japanese will only look after their own people, both in good and bad times - Management not open to feedback"


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Current Employee - Manager says

"if you're a woman prepare to be paid 70-80 cents to a man's dollar. tries to hide it by creating programs like "diversity inclusion counsel" in order to not get sued. no leadership. compensation is way below market - even for men. Management will try to lie to your face by delaying women's promotions. The competent people, and young people have been leaving more and more."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Opportunities for meaningful career growth are minimal. Performance incentives below satisfactory. Management does not facilitate integration of Japanese expat staff. Roles for women are marginal. The company is a practiced exercise in bureaucracy."

Current Employee - Millright says

"cro·ny·ism At it worst nepotism Is everywhere here"

Sales Engineer says

"Dishonest, won't tell you why they let you go. They make you watcha 4 hour video on why the company is doing so good. They give you obsolete computers to use. They trust no one. Customers hate them, good luck!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"0 career path, lazy and unqualified leadership, low pay, entitled staff, and blatant racism to name a few. Unless you are willing to waste years of your life or are an expat from the home office don't expect a promotion anytime soon even if you are amazing at you role. Some might think this is a joke but truly I have never worked at a more biased company that tried to put me at a disadvantage against other team members. Add to it that management is there because they lasted the longest in such an environment and you have a recipe for disaster. Lying. This company expects you to be dishonest, continues to try to squeeze anything from their customer and demands you make it happen. If the reality doesn't allow for it you will be told to make up numbers. I wish this was exaggeration but very real. Infighting and best friend mentality. HR is friends outside work with staff, fair enough,but when it shows in the workplace that's a real issue. Those close to HR are untouchable while employee infighting leads to some "unique" biased investigation. Unreal how little HR does when you come to them with an issue and it's an expat or their friend but boy do they move quick when a buddy complains about an outsider. Should be criminal. Oh and pandering the office for money for their cause is never ending with HR, I get it there is a fund raiser, stop emailing me every day and start doing your job maybe?"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers dont know what they are doing...idiots...self serving with no integrity. Japanese have no bussiness running a mine. Managers have turned the mine into a miserable place. Everyone is looking for other jobs."

Current Employee - Operator says

"Management is very poor, HR is not adept at relating to humans. Everyone is punished for what one person does. Punisment for very minor things, punished by safery or HR for what supervisors tell employees to do. Backstabbing and personal vendettas galore. Poor accommodation and food."

Current Employee - Production Supervisor says

"Management is terrible, especially upper. They are worried more about bikes on flags than making tires. Hours are demanding. If your department is unlucky and and are starting to miss ticket for any reason for the month, you are forced to work 12 hrs a day 6 days a week and not get paid extra for it. They call it TSE. Total support effort. Management doesn't fix or improve any issues with machines. Under staffed. Support is only on day shift and most of it is political. They do not staff correctly on back shifts. If you are an on shift employee, you are forced to stay at least an hour after to most likely get yelled at for something out of your control in a pointless meeting that doesn't benefit anyone. Waste of time. Don't apply here unless you are really desperate. You are expected to work at least 10 hours extra per week unpaid. If you decide to leave with out working 10 hours per day you are harassed out the door"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible Company; Don't waste your time"

Material Planner says

"Human Resource Personnel were terrible. They make it extremely obvious on who the like and who they dislike. Since most employees (including HR, management) are from Mexico or Japan, there are many errors in emails and posters posted throughout the manufacture. It is not a very exciting place to work. Also, everyone is required to wear uniforms (office, managers, engineers). Uniforms consists of hideous polo shirts for both men and women."

Vice President and General Manager of Real Estate (Current Employee) says

"Unless you are from the parent company in Japan the company offers no opportunity for advancement or promotion. Entry level positions only receive inflationary raises regardless of how much additional education/experience is acquired or how much responsibility is assumed. No respect for local staff as all business direction and decisions are made either in Tokyo or by rotating Japanese staff.above average benefit packageNo advancement, low raises and no opportunity for advancement"

OCTG (Former Employee) says

"A lot of Japanese spoken on the job. If you are not from Japan there is no opportunity for advancement. Good place to start but don't stay long. If you are not a Manager your opinions do not count. For the most part, it is a very friendly company to work for as long as you enjoy doing the same job for many years. Employees are for the most part easy to work with and ready to help if they can in some way. There are many managers and fewer workers, so there is much overload for the lower ranking employees.Free sodas, coffee, waterLong work hours, not a family oriented company"

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"This is not the most friendly and productive work environment, managers speak of confidential matters, there's a low level of support when trying to complete your tasks, there's no clear vision of the direction of the company presented to the support staff. There is stability of your position and if you do not seek growth opportunities you will fit right in.great benefits, salary, flexible work hourslack of support from management, no growth opportunities" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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